SESSIONSCONECAR 2013® will feature more dynamic content and exciting new session format that allow you to max your needs. Brief ideas can be seen below. This page will be updated as more details become available.

Pre-Congress General AssemblyFor the second time, we will be pre-hosting the EAC General Assembly; Monday, October 14, 2013 (9:00 AM – 4:00 PM). The General Assembly will feature business and educational sessions. EAC Member Bodies and representatives must pre-register for the General Assembly event.

Biblical FoundationsBegin each day with devotions… a time to listen to the devotional speaker, and be motivated as she ministers from the Word and speaks to the topic: “The Nature and Defense of Truth in Perilous Times.

PlenariesEach evening will feature a plenary speaker with a unique perspective on Leading Change. “Pursuing God’s Agenda of Spiritual Leadership”; “Spirit-controlled Leaders: Key to Leading Change” and “The Biblical Approach to Leading Change” all make for engaging presentations.

New Presentation Types -> TUTORIALSIn addition to the standard 50 minute plenaries, the 2013 Congress will feature 90 minute Tutorials. These tutorials will be broken down into focused topics on “Leading Change: Optimizing Organizational Performance through Leadership Decision Making;” “Safeguarding Children in Perilous Times;” “Leading Change in the Face of Secularity in a Pluralistic Caribbean;” “Character, Leadership and Change in Theological Education;” “Engaging the Next Generation of World Changers;” “The Church Becoming Something We Are Rather Than Somewhere We Go”; and other special interest presentations.

Dialogues GroupsSitting through hour after hour of lectures can be tiring for most. The 2013 Congress will have scattered dialogue group sessions, which will offer more personal conversation and hands-on learning. These sessions are designed to engage delegates and create speed networking. We dare you to make it through the week without meeting a new friend.