The Congress of Evangelicals in the Caribbean (CONECAR) is a coming together of Church and Denominational leaders; Faculty, staff and students from Theological Institutions; Next Generation Leaders, Missions and Marketplace practitioners with substance, impact and capacity. It is a Congress which will communicate and affirm biblical truth in the context of “Leading Change through Perilous Times.”


CONECAR 2013 will create an environment and provide a regional forum for Evangelicals in the Caribbean to:

  • • Look critically at the insights and wisdom into how to lead and make the most of change.
  • • Probe the nature of decision making, and offer leadership lessons to be applied.
  • • Make a powerful biblical case for environmental sustainability.
  • • Expand their scope of knowledge capable of leading in perilous time.
  • • Review and commit to God’s Agenda for His Church in the Caribbean.

You'll hear from some of the best leadership and missional minds on ‘Leading Change’ who will help the Church in the Caribbean to find the way forward to God’s Agenda.

Who Should Attend

It doesn’t matter if you are a Pastor, Missionary, Church leader, Administrator, Attorney at Law, Missions Agency, Educator, Law Enforcement Officer, Health Practitioner, or involved in sports ministry, you perform a key function for your organization within the Caribbean Church.

The Congress of Evangelicals in the Caribbean is designed to help you achieve the highest levels of ministry; and make you a more efficient and effective minister within your respective denomination or areas of ministry.

Don’t miss out! This is your opportunity to network with other EAC members, Caribbean Statesmen, Christians in Business; and expand your contacts regionally.